Teds Woodworking Review (#1 Woodworking Resource or Fake)

If you are a DIY lover or a woodworker, I am sure you might be seeing ads and posts related to Ted's Woodworking Plans. Ted's Woodworking Plans look like they are too good to be true. Many people in Facebook groups might be convincing you to buy Ted's Woodworking Plans. So the question is, are Ted's Woodworking Plans really good or just a scam?

Ted says that Ted's Woodworking is worth buying and it is the

"Earth's Largest Database of Woodworking Projects" but it's not true!

Before telling you more about it, I would like you to know that I used to promote Ted's Plans through Clickbank's affiliate system (luckily I didn't make any sales) and that's why I know all their marketing secrets and hacks to make people buy their products!

What Ted's Woodworking Plans are?

Ted's Woodworking Plans are copyrighted plans available for free on other websites. The creator of these plans has simply downloaded all the plans from the internet and has also scanned some poor images and added them to his plans. Below images are some visual representation of his plans. Also, the plans are nowhere near 16,000.

Why Clickbank affiliates are promoting Ted's product?

Well, not everyone cares about the customers. "Ted" is giving up to 75% commission to its affiliate members who sell the product. He is also giving many resources to affiliates to make the sales easier. But if any affiliate asks you to buy this product please don't get angry at them because they might not know about the real truth of Ted's Woodworking Plans, instead share this article with them to let them know what they were going to do.

What about the other bloggers who say that Ted's Woodworking Plans are good?

You can go to this link and see all the FAKE review articles and videos on "Ted's" website for his affiliates.

Who is Ted Mcgrath OR "Ted"?

Ted "Woody" Mcgrath

219 Tama Street

Slater, IA 50244

United States

Ted Mcgrath is NOT a real person! The address listed above is completely Fake.

The owner made "Ted" the "creator" of the 16,000 Woodworking plans, is trying to establish trust among the customers.

You can see from the above image that "Ted" is simply a model on iStock and this image is being sold for a few bucks. You can find more images of this person selling on iStock on this link.

Customer Complaints on Ted's Woodworking

There are many complaints on BBB (Better Business Bureau) and it has received "F" grade which is the worst grade according to BBB Review. BBB says the company is not in the business now but, the product is still selling due to its aggressive affiliate system.

How to get a refund on Ted's Woodworking Plans?

To get refunded you should ask for it within 60-days of purchase. Do not entertain Ted's customer service, instead, go to this Clickbank article and request a refund.


Ted's Woodworking Plans are SCAM you should avoid it and even report it. If somebody you know is planning to buy it, please share this article with them.

Please post this article in as many Facebook groups as possible because most of Ted's sales and customers comes from Facebook.

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